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Plano Texas Restaurants That Everyone Should Try Out

Plano, Texas isn’t Houston, San Antonio or Dallas, so it doesn’t have millions of people. However, you might be surprised to find out that this city in Collin County sure enough has hundreds of thousands of people. With those hundreds of thousands of people, you know there have to be some great restaurants. Here are the top five restaurants in Plano, Texas and a few others to consider as you decide where you are going to take the family for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Urban Crust on E 15th Street is the #1 restaurant in Plano, Texas. They are also known for their chocolate cake, calamari, salads and other great menu items. When a pizza place is listed as #1, you know that you can bank on the fact that the place serves up some delicious pizza pies...

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What To Consider When Renting An Apartment In Plano Texas?

Apartment rental is an art on its own, particularly in a city such as Plano with a low rental vacancy rate. Just because you feel the pressure to find an apartment as soon as possible, probably before the current lease expires, it doesn’t mean that you should pick the first apartment that you come across during the search. There are many things to consider when renting the right apartment that matches your personal needs. This read offers information on what to consider when renting an apartment in Plano Texas.
Although you may like the interior of the apartment, it is not enough when you plan to rent an apartment in Plano TX. You should be a fan of the surrounding neighborhood too. The wrong neighborhood can be a big problem when you have to stay in the apartment for some time...

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What Can You Do in Plano Texas?

If you are planning on visiting the city of Plano or if you live in the area and are looking for something to do, you are not without options. Not only is the area of Plano able to provide plenty of things to do, but it is also not very far from downtown Dallas, so you certainly are not without limitations. In fact, visitors may just find that it is a great place to put down roots. Here are some attractions that are not to be missed.

Even though you’re not very far outside of the city, there is plenty of nature available if you know where to look. Many people appreciate the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, and they head out for a day in the sun. There is plenty to do in the 200-acre park, including walking, hiking and a wide variety of other outdoor activities...

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Start A Family In Plano, Texas

If the time has come to start a family, it is important that you spend time researching the best places for raising your kids. If you live in a big city, you might want to think about moving to a place that is more family friendly, like Plano, Texas. The problem with living in a city is that the schools aren’t always the best and you have to worry about crime and traffic. Read on to learn about some of the benefits that make Plano one of the best places to start a family.

Plano has a lot going for it. The schools are terrific and Plano actually has one of the highest high school graduation rates. The school district you send your kids to is very important and if you don’t want to pay for private school, you need to move somewhere that has quality public schools, like Plano.

Plano is packed...

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