Plano Texas Restaurants That Everyone Should Try Out

Plano, Texas isn’t Houston, San Antonio or Dallas, so it doesn’t have millions of people. However, you might be surprised to find out that this city in Collin County sure enough has hundreds of thousands of people. With those hundreds of thousands of people, you know there have to be some great restaurants. Here are the top five restaurants in Plano, Texas and a few others to consider as you decide where you are going to take the family for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Urban Crust on E 15th Street is the #1 restaurant in Plano, Texas. They are also known for their chocolate cake, calamari, salads and other great menu items. When a pizza place is listed as #1, you know that you can bank on the fact that the place serves up some delicious pizza pies. Urban Crust is also said to have a nice atmosphere, which counts when you’re dining somewhere.

What might surprise you is that the next two restaurants are also Italian establishments. Taverna Rosa on Preston Road is one of them, and this restaurant is known for its desserts. By the way, Urban Crust is also known for its chocolate cake. Taverna Rosa, while an Italian restaurant, is said to look more like a pizza parlor, even with its white stone exterior. It is the #2 restaurant, so this isn’t a bad thing, just it is likely a little similar to Urban Crust.

At #3 is Fireside Pies, as mentioned another Italian restaurant, and as you can tell, a pizza place. Up next is Seasons 52, which has vegan options according to the reviews. Seasons 52 is on Lone Star Drive and serves up delicious flat bread, sea bass, desserts and more. The reviews talk about some great pecan pie.

Rounding out the top five restaurants in Plano is Kenny’s Smokehouse, which is on Legacy Drive. As you can imagine, this is where you’re going to get some great barbecue. Are you ready for those ribs? Kenny’s Smokehouse is also known for having great brisket.

You were told you would get a few more mentions of great restaurants in Plano, Texas outside of the top five. There is Chuy’s, Whiskey Cake and Jasper’s listed as three more restaurants that make the top ten. Each of the honorable mentions sounds like fun places to visit. It’s time for a bite to eat in Plano TX.